Star Wars: The Corellian Knights

It is a dark time for the fledgeling Republic. On the boarders of known space they have met an implacable foe, the Dao’Reh Empire. The factions of the galaxy soon started to choose side in this conflict. The Hutts siding with the empire. The Senate asked the Jedi to aid them in this conflict. Some have heeded the call. Some have reveled in the conflict.

Meanwhile the newly formed Jedi are facing strife from within. Some of their members are dipping into the darker powers and motivations. This is a critical time for the new faith. Master Sovi Duan, fearing for her students, and the Jedi as a whole, has sent her three most promising pupils to Corellia, the locus of the war and the source of many of her premonitions. She knows her former love Taelros has betrayed her, and she sends her prize students to thwart his plots.

These young Jedi Knights must find the source of this darkness and halt the advance of the Dao’Reh Empire to restore peace to the galaxy…

Star Wars: Corellian Knights

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